Here’s a little perspective from this wedding photographer in Yorkshire.

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea and not every wedding photographer will embrace it, but this dog loving photographer always says a big YES when couples ask me that question! I grew up with dogs, I’m a dog owner myself, so I’m fully on board with having your best friends at your wedding too! (dare I say ahead of some guests of the human kind – ahem)! 😉

And bringing your pooch along to your pre-wedding shoot is always a good idea too – in fact, I encourage it!

Dogs help you relax don’t they? And when someone isn’t used to being photographed, having their treasured friend around can really help. And I don’t know who said you should never work with children or animals, but I’m going to challenge them on that one!

As a wedding photographer based near the countryside of Skipton, Ilkley and the Yorkshire Dales, a lot of my couples have dogs and I’m excited for more of my weddings in 2019 and 2020 where my brides and grooms are including their dogs in their wedding day! (or is that wagging day)?!

Of course, dogs are unpredictable and they do add a different dimension to things when you’re capturing a couple on their wedding day – patience can often be needed (goes without saying really) and likely a little more time is necessary too, but when you look back and see your forever friend with you on the biggest day of your life, it’s got to leave you smiling hasn’t it?

My lovely couple Rebecca and Tom, who I captured on their Yorkshire Dales pre-wedding shoot, along with pooch, decided that they wanted to have their dog join them for one or two portraits on the wedding day too – it was fun that’s for sure! But who doesn’t want fun on their wedding day?! We had it all planned in beforehand as we were stopping off at a particular location for some family portraits and so it made sense that Rebecca and Tom’s friends brought their dog along to that point in the day. It was pretty exciting for pooch as well as everyone else, but I know my couple were really thrilled to have these pictures as part of their wedding collection.

Top tip: if you have someone who can come along to keep an eye on pooch during your pre-wedding shoot, that’s always a good idea so that I’ve also got some time with just the two of you. Working with you to help you relax on this shoot goes along way to how you feel on your wedding day.

Also on the big day itself, you might think about having someone on hand for dog care duties on the day – it could be a friend who’s joining you for your evening reception or you could even enlist companies out there such as Bow Wow Vow who have this all covered for you. Of course, don’t forget to check with your wedding venue that they welcome dogs – many of the Yorkshire locations where I photograph have dog friendly accommodation and areas where they welcome dogs, but it’s worth chatting that through with your ideal venue to make sure everything works for you.

Whatever your choice, I’m a Yorkshire dog photographer as well as a Yorkshire wedding photographer, and combining the two is just fine by me!