Wedding Photography at Thornton Hall Country Park

Emma & Jamie – what can I say about them? A more lovely couple you couldn’t wish to meet! They planned their 2022 winter wedding at the fantastic Thornton Hall Country Park which is based on the borders of Yorkshire and Lancashire and very close to where I’m based. 

With any wedding in the North of England (well, the UK generally really) you never quite know what the weather is going to serve up on your big day. It could be glorious sunshine in January and pouring down with rain in August. As a Yorkshire wedding photographer I am very used to working in just about any condition!

With this particular February wedding, the weather, let’s say, dished up just about everything – and in the main, a lot of rain and an abundance of wind of the swirling and bitterly cold kind! But that did not deter this couple and they were prepared with brollies and extra layers but they were also prepared to brave the somewhat challenging conditions to maximise their wedding photography opportunities at Thornton Hall Country Park. 

There’s no getting away from the fact that this kind of weather is challenging for a wedding photographer, but I will always endeavour to work as hard as possible to ensure that the images tell the story of the day with beauty and style. 

So taking a leaf out of Emma & Jamie’s book, here are some of my tips to help you enjoy your day whatever the winter weather throws at you:-

  • be prepared with umbrellas, extra layers and back up footwear. If you’re marrying in a countryside location, I will still aim to capture you outdoors to take in the setting. We will need to work around the gaps in the weather which means adjusting things accordingly – but it’s more do-able if you have some simple things in place to help you be ready. 
  • work with me and trust me. It’s likely that I will be doing lots of thinking on my feet when the weather presents challenging conditions. We can all follow the forecast but sometimes it’s a case of just getting on and dealing with it on the day. So I might need to advise you if your group photographs need to be adjusted/amended/captured indoors for example. There will be added challenges capturing these kinds of shots and it might mean that we have to compromise somewhere e.g. making the groups smaller in size to accommodate the change of setting. But I will do my best to advise on what will work the best. 
  • have someone in your bridal party to assist with your dress – and try not to worry too much if it gets a little soiled or damp – things can be sorted afterwards and you’re only wearing it once! 
  • embrace your wedding photography! I will be working as hard as I can whatever the weather and we will still achieve some beautiful images despite what the UK climate brings us!

It was my first time as a wedding photographer at Thornton Hall Country Park and the team were really helpful and accommodating – and they were understanding and appreciative of the weather conditions I was working in and how one or two things needed to be adjusted in terms of Emma & Jamie’s photographs. 

One thing’s for sure, you can plan your wedding as carefully and as detailed as possible, but you can’t plan for what the weather will bring. 

So enjoy your day, enjoy your photography and at the end of it all, you will be married and that’s just the most important thing!